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Schönmarke Gold VQA Icewine is nature's precious gift of winter to wine lovers. It is produced in the Niagara Peninsula area of Canada, one of the worlds few cool climate wine regions.

This authentic Canadian Vidal Icewine is made only with natural vine frozen late harvest grapes, hand-harvested and crushed below -10°C. The more than 80% water content remains frozen during the crush leaving only a tiny quantity of intense, super concentrated juice that is slowly fermented and aged into Icewine.

This labor intensive, low yield process (typically 10% of normal production) results in Schönmarke Icewine: a rare fine wine that is rich and silky smooth on the palate with aromas and sweet luscious flavors of apricot, lychee nuts, plums and honey. Schonmarke Icewine is a grand companion to desserts, fruits, cheeses and pate. It is best served chilled.

VQA, The Trademark of Canada's Vintners Quality Alliance

The VQA symbol on the Schonmarke bottle is your assurance that this most prestigious Icewine has been produced to strict Vintners Quality Alliance standards and is genuine Canadian VQA Icewine."



Experience a Rare Precious
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